know us

Rockaholic, más que una tienda de música en línea.

More than a music store and workshop, Rockaholic is a space where we are happy for musicians to meet, explore equipment and ideas to achieve the sound that each one seeks to express.

A place where we care about the musical needs of each client regardless of their level. From the novice to professionals, we will always try to guide and help the client with what they are looking for.

Meet the director of this orchestra

Maestro Patrizio Marucci, músico autodidacta

This is Patrizio Marucci, CEO of Rockaholic, self-taught instrument workshop teacher, veteran bassist of over 40 years and super dad.

After playing in the legendary Panamanian band, Oceano, and years of working as a salesman in the Colón Free Zone, Patrizio began repairing guitars and basses from home. In 2015 he bought the store and moved his guitar and bass workshop that he ran from home.

Since then, he has dedicated his life to what he likes most: music and people.